Tensioning rollers are used for tensioning on the outside of the belt (back of belt). The tensioning rollers can either be mounted rigidly or be combined with tensioning elements to make up an elastic belt tensioner. Note: tensioning rollers mounted on the outside of the closed span, shorten the service life of the belt due to alternate bending conditions. This means that when an outside tensioning roller is mounted a corrective factor of at least 1,2 has to be used when calculating the drive. If the belt is tensioned from the inside, a toothed pulley must be used (pulley with ball bearing only made to order).



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Article ID: 14087200

Matching Tensioner14080000
Diam. A [mm]30
B [mm]35
C [mm]2
D [mm]14
E max. [mm]5
F [mm]M 8
Speed max. [min-1]8000
Weight [kg]0,08

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