Housing: Aluminium permanent-mould casting, fully sealed against oil leaks and protected against dust, can be mounted in any position. Gear set: Worms hardened and ground, worm gears made from special bronze. Bearing System: Input and output shaft with roller bearing. Lubrication: As a special gearbox oil has been used, in most applications no relubrication or change is required. Input shaft is the smaller shaft d1. The permiss. output torque refers to shaft d2. Load Bearing Capacity of the Output Shaft Radial = 100 N, Axial = 60 N.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
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Article ID: 42002400

Transmission [i]24 : 1
Axial Distance a [ml]31
d1 [mm]8
d2 [mm]10
h [mm]34
Max. Admissible Torque [Nm]9
Weight [kg]1,05

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