Material: Steel. Multi-plate friction clutches have proven to deliver an optimal performance when used with slow-starting machines. They are also used as safety couplings. The occuring torque peaks are levelled out by friction clutches. The disk pairing is steel/sintered bronze, with the inner plates of the pairings lined. The composition of the lining means up to 400°C can be withstood short term. At permanent load, however, only up to 250°C. Sintered clutch plates have the advantage of an almost constant friction coefficient even with fast growing circumferential speeds and higher temperatures. The assembly can be used for dry and wet operation. Advantages of these couplings are: Practical dimensions. Easy adjustment and re-adjustment. Inner and outer plates with special splines. Couplings are available pre-drilled H7 ex stock. Customized bores and feather-key grooves available at surcharge.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
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Article ID: 61100400

Torque min. [Nm]126
Torque max. [Nm]54
Pilot Bore A H7 [mm]25
Bore A max. [mm]42
B [mm]4x für M 6
D [mm]100
GH7 [mm]62
G [mm]62
H [mm]76
L [mm]45
L1 [mm]53
O [mm]36
Speed max. [rpm]2500
Weight [kg]2,24
Spare Disk Set Art.-No.611 014 00

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