Material: Steel. Clamping bush for medium high torques; not self-centering.

Fit: Shaft h8. Hub H8.

Mounting: Slightly oil the clamping set before mounting, do not use molibdenum disulphide or grease. Tighten the screws evenly and crosswise in several steps.

Demounting: Due to the large cone angle, the clamping set releases on its own after the screws have been fully unfastened.

There are three larger threads cut into the front ring, which serve to remove this ring.

Ts - Fastening Torque

T - Transmittable Torque

F - Transmittable Axial Force

P - Surface Pressure onto Hub




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity d
Transmissible Torque T
Transmissible Axial Force Fax
Surface Pressure Hub P
Bolt Size M
Tightening Torque TA
61551900   194720262702893M6150,20
61552000   204720262902998M6150,22
61552200   224720262902990M6150,23
61552400   2450202638032103M6150,23
61552500   2550202640032100M6150,23
61552800   2855202652036104M6150,27
61553000   305520265203699M6150,26
61553200   3260202669042112M6150,28
61553500   3560202677043113M6150,30
61553800   3865202694049116M6150,33
61554000   4065202698049115M6150,32
61554200   42752432156075129M8370,57
61554500   45752432170076127M8370,55
61554800   48802432183074122M8370,60
61555000   50802432183075118M8370,56
61555500   55852432249089140M8370,65
61556000   60902432264092126M8370,66
61556500   65952432324099136M8370,72
61557000   7011028384700124135M10701,27
61557500   7511528384800135119M10701,33
61558000   8012028385400137124M10701,35
61558500   8512528386300146130M10701,45
61559000   9013028386500148124M10701,55
61559500   9513528387800165134M10701,65
61560000   10014533459560187135M121272,20

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