Material: Outer part: Zinc-plated. Boreholes up to 12mm: free-cutting steel, turned. From boreholes 14mm: Steel C22, forged. Inner ring: Roller bearing steel 100Cr6, hardened HRC 62+/-1, ground and polished. Bearing race: Special brass CuZn40Als. Wide version. Dimensions according to DIN 648 / 12240-4 series K. Thread either right-handed or left-handed.
  • Heavy-duty rod ends for high radial and axial alternating loads.
  • Steel on high-duty brass.
  • Can be re-lubricated (only from size 5mm).
  • Sliding speed up to 60 m/min.

Initial lubrication required before use



Zusätzliche Informationen


The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity Thread TypedH7
l3 +0/-1,0
Thread ISO DIN 13 6H/ 6g M
Thread Slope
Tipping Angle Alpha
63200200   rechts24,53,62,693,84,5167M20,4163
63200300   rechts364,55,11456,52110M30,5146
63200500   rechts5867,7189112710M50,81318
63200600   rechts696,758,92010133012M61,01327
63200800   rechts812910,42412,5163616M81,251446
63201000   rechts101410,512,92815194320M101,51376
63201200   rechts12161215,43217,5225022M121,7513115
63201400   rechts141913,516,83620255725M142,016170
63201600   rechts16211519,34222276428M162,015230
63201800   rechts182316,521,84625317132M18x1,51,515320
63202000   rechts20251824,35027,5347733M20x1,51,514415
63202200   rechts22282025,85430378437M22x1,51,515540
63202500   rechts25312229,66033,5429442M24x22,015750
63203000   rechts30372534,870405011051M30x22,0171130
63203500   rechts35432837,280465812556M36x22,0191600
63204000   rechts40493544,290576914260M42x22,0162770
63210200   links24,53,62,693,84,5167M20,4163
63210300   links364,55,11456,52110M30,5146
63210500   links5867,7189112710M50,81318
63210600   links696,758,92010133012M61,01327
63210800   links812910,42412,5163616M81,251446
63211000   links101410,512,92815194320M101,51376
63211200   links12161215,43217,5225022M121,7513115
63211400   links141913,516,83620255725M142,016170
63211600   links16211519,34222276428M162,015230
63211800   links182316,521,84625317132M18x1,51,515320
63212000   links20251824,35027,5347733M20x1,51,514415
63212200   links22282025,85430378437M22x1,51,515540
63212500   links25312229,66033,5429442M24x22,015750
63213000   links30372534,870405111051M30x22,0171130
63213500   links35432837,780465812558M36x22,0191600
63214000   links40493544,290576914269M42x22,0162770

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