Material: Hubs made from Aluminium. Spider made from Polyurethane. Size 5 - 9: Shore hardness 92°A (gelb oder weiß). From size 14: Shore hardness 98°A (red). - Zero backlash, insertable elastic coupling. - With clamps, ready-to-install for rapid mounting. - Many different sizes and diameters available. - From size 14 can be exchanged with couplings RN, RNH and couplings from many other suppliers. On request with soft spiders 92°A. Temperature range: -30°C to +90°C. Note: Bores with * are pilot bores (not H7). The torque depends on the size of the finished bore.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

Article ID: 60540503

Torque max. [Nm]0,4
Bore dH7 [mm]3
Bores optional [mm]5
DH [mm]10
L [mm]15
I [mm]5
IW [mm] -
E [mm]5
Angular Misalignment max [degrees]1
Radial Misalignment max. [mm]0,06
Axial Misalignment max. [mm]+0,4/-0,2
Speed max. [1/min]38000
Weight [g]2
Replacement-Gear Rim [Art.-Nr.]60519205

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