Material: Stainless Steel 1.4301 (X5CrNi1810). Needle bearings from steel EN 10027-1 DC04 (1.0338) and 100Cr6.

The combination of stainless steel body and standard needle bearings allows the use in applications where high speed and low backlash are required, even in demanding conditions. Max. Operating Angle 45°. The needle-bearing universal joints have almost zero backlash, high accuracy and good turning properties. These special needle-rollers without cage can take high loads even at large operating angles. A special grinding process realizes a perfect parallelism of the axes and the single parts of the joints - which guarantees an extremely long service life.

Optionally without or with keyway DIN 6885-1, on both sides.



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Product Quantity d1H7
zul.max.Drehmom. bei : 250 min -1
bei 500 min -1
bei 1000 min -1
bei 2000 min -1
bei 3000 min -1
bei 3600 min -1
63199122   10201862--21,116,313,410,69,68,60,1
63199122N   10201862311,421,116,313,410,69,68,60,1
63199126   14252074--32,627,823,021,119,217,30,18
63199126N   14252074516,332,627,823,021,119,217,30,18
63199132   16322486--625343,238,435,530,70,33
63199132N   16322486518,3625343,238,435,530,70,33
63199140   204030108--134115967767620,71
63199140N   204030108622,8134115967767620,71
63199150   255038132--19216312510686821,33
63199150N   255038132828,319216312510686821,33
63199163   306340166--2882592211821541342,78
63199163N   306340166833,32882592211821541342,78

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