Material: Stainless steel 1.4301 Max. Operating Angle 90°. These single and double universal joints feature a simple design with very small tolerances and high precision and performance. These universal joints can be used at speeds up to max. 800 rpm. The torques only amount to 90% of the single precision universal joints, stainless. At an operating angle of 45° only manual operation is possible.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity d1H7
admiss.max.Torque at 100 rpm-1
at 200 rpm-1
at 300 rpm-1
at 400 rpm-1
at 500 rpm-1
at 700 rpm-1
at 800 rpm-1
63199726   1222251052911,37,76,55,95,45,03,40,20
63199729   1425291193319,411,39,27,775,95,40,30
63199732   1629301253530,819,417,816,215,112,811,90,43
63199737   1832301343938,937,832,425,923,218,516,20,56
63199740   20403215446705443322726-1,06
63199747   224038173461087654433827-1,16
63199750   2550441995917310876655443-2,16
63199757   30585824466194119867059--3,48

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