Material spherical ball: iglidur® W300, yellowish. Material housing: igumid G, black.

  • Maintenance-free, silent running and anti-vibrating.
  • High strength at very low weight.
  • Resistant against corrosion and many chemicals.
  • Electrical and thermal isolating.
The counter part must rotate inside the bore of the spherical ball. With a metal bolt, a sliding speed up to 30 m/min. may be possible.

The spherical ball may only compensate shaft misalignement.

Temperature range: -30º to +80ºC.



The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity Thread
Thread GW
Tilt angle
Load rating radial static
Load rating axial static
63255605   rechts586182712M5SW943600904,0
63255606   rechts697203013,5M6SW10407001504,2
63255608   rechts8129243617M8SW133510502507,6
63255610   rechts101410,5304322M10SW1535150040012,8
63255610F   rechts101410,5304321M10x1,25SW1535150040012,8
63255612   rechts121612345025M12SW1735178037519
63255612F   rechts121612345025M12x1,25SW1735178037519
63255616   rechts162115426430M16SW2035190040034
63255616F   rechts162115426430M16x1,5SW2035190040034
63255620   rechts202518507735M20SW2435227520055
63255620F   rechts202518507735M20x1,5SW2435227520055
63255705   links586182712M5SW943600904,0
63255706   links697203013,5M6SW10407001504,2
63255708   links8129243617M8SW133510502507,6
63255710   links101410,5304322M10SW1535150040012,8
63255710F   links101410,5304321M10x1,25SW1535150040012,8
63255712   links121612345025M12SW1735178037519
63255712F   links121612345025M12x1,25SW1735178037519
63255716   links162115426430M16SW2035190040034
63255716F   links162115426430M16x1,5SW2035190040034
63255720   links202518507735M20SW2435227520055
63255720F   links202518507735M20x1,5SW2435227520055

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