Material: Steel zinc-plated. Design GD: with rotating shaft, without bolt.

Thread: Gewindeausführung rechts = thread right-handed. Gewindeausführung links = thread left-handed.

Clevises GD have the same dimensions like DIN 71752, but the shaft is rotatable. So, there is no need to adjust the radila position when mounting. The rotating shaft will compensate axial movements caused by axes or levers which are not accurately in line or by Bowden cables. With a bolt set KL or SL, a clevis can get competed to a clevis joint. When monting, all movable parts and contact surfaces should be lubricated.



The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity GewindeausführungGröße
passender KL-Bolzen
passender SL-Bolzen
63755203   rechts5 x 101055M5910207106378030063790300
63755204   rechts5 x 201055M5920307146378030063790300
63755205   rechts6 x 121266M61012249166378050063790500
63755206   rechts6 x 241266M61024369236378050063790500
63755207   rechts8 x 161688M814163212386378070063790700
63755208   rechts8 x 321688M814324812556378070063790700
63755209   rechts10 x 20201010M1018204016806378090063790900
63755210   rechts10 x 40201010M10184060161206378090063790900
63755211   rechts12 x 24241212M12202448181256378110063791100
63755212   rechts12 x 48241212M12204872181806378110063791100
63755305   links6 x 121266M61012249166378050063790500
63755307   links8 x 161688M814163212386378070063790700
63755309   links10 x 20201010M1018204016806378090063790900
63755311   links12 x 24241212M12202448181256378110063791100

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