Material: Metal parts: Steel, zinc-plated. Elastomer: Natural rubber, hardness 55° Shore.

Metal on one side only. Metal bumpers can be used to limit bearing surfaces e.g. for elastically mounted power units, and as bump stop to limit the spring travel in vehicles. They can also be used for machines that cannot be fixed to the floor or are standing on floors with an easily damaged surface, e.g. office machines. * Fperm. is the permissible static permanent load, which may be overlaid by a dynamic, alternating load. With shearing load please take care that no tension load in the rubber occurs at all during mounting. To achieve a sufficient fatigue strength provide some compressive pre-stressing. The stated permissible loads are only approximate, guideline values for the static load for "medium" rubber hardness. With particularly high, dynamic, alternating loads or high frequencies, the load figures have to be reduced accordingly. Temperature resistant up to 80°C.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity D
Spring Rate CD average
Admissible Load F zul.*
68578100   1010M41038432,6
68578300   1015M41013432,9
68578600   157M410136953,5
68578700   158M410122953,6
68578800   1510M410106953,8
68579000   1515M41074957,3
68579100   205M6183401708
68580100   208M6183301707,9
68580111   2011M6181501709
68580200   2015M61813817010,3
68580220   2020M61810017011
68580225   2025M6188017014
68580308   258M61830028014
68580310   2510M61827028014
68580300   2515M61825428017,2
68580320   2520M61812828020
68580325   2525M61810028024
68580330   2530M6188028030
68580415   3015M82329040029
68580400   3020M82020040027
68580425   3025M82018040035
68580430   3030M82012040035
68580440   3040M8209040048
68580520   4020M82334065052
68580500   4030M82323465075
68580530   4030M102824065074
68580540   4040M82320065080
68580600   5020M1028680100085
68580630   5030M10284251000100
68580640   5040M10283901000132
68580645   5045M10283501000140
68580650   5050M10283101000152
68580660   6040M10284701500179
68580665   6040M12334601500190
68580670   7025M10286501800198
68580675   7045M10288001800292
68580700   7525M123720002300241
68580740   7540M12378102300320
68580750   7550M12376202300357
68580755   7555M12377602300384
68580820   10020M164225004200350
68580800   10040M164215784200535
68580850   10050M16429004200628
68580855   10055M16428604200665
68580860   10060M16428004200709
68580875   10075M16425404200840

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