Material: Metal Parts: Steel, zinc plated. Elastomer: Natural rubber, hardness 55-75º Shore A, depending on the size.


Hard rubber, pressed in between the inner bush and the outer bush. Suitable for high radial load, medium axial load and low torsion.


Up to external diameter 30mm: mounting hole H11 / H12.

From external diameter 34mm: mounting hole H13.

Temperature resistant up to 80ºC.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity Innen-Ø d
Außen-Ø D
Länge der Innenbuchse l
Länge der Außenbuchse L
685102230P   10+0,1522+0,133+/-0,130+/-0,347
685102520P   10+0,1525+0,124+/-0,120+/-0,344
685122435P   12+0,1524+0,138+/-0,135+/-0,360
685122525P   12+0,1525+0,128+/-0,125+/-0,345
685122618P   12+0,1526+0,124+/-0,118+/-0,337
685122632P   12+0,1526+0,136+/-0,132+/-0,356
685133040P   13+0,1530+0,140+/-0,140+/-0,379
685143067P   14+0,1530+0,176+/-0,167+/-0,3135
685163216P   16+0,232+0,1517+/-0,116+/-0,338
685163225P   16+0,232+0,1528+/-0,125+/-0,372
685163250P   16+0,232+0,1554+/-0,150+/-0,3120
685164032P   16+0,240+0,1538+/-0,132+/-0,3120
685183432P   18+0,334+0,1536+/-0,132+/-0,394
685204555P   20+0,345+0,1562,5+/-0,155+/-0,3255
685204559P   20+0,345+0,1562,5+/-0,159,5+/-0,3258
685244290P   24+0,342+0,1596+/-0,190+/-0,3645
685255065P   25+0,350+0,1567,5+/-0,165,5+/-0,3370
685255589P   25+0,355+0,1593,5+/-0,189,5+/-0,3677
685264040P   26+0,340+0,1545+/-0,140+/-0,3220
685305589P   30+0,455+0,1594+/-0,189,5+/-0,3622
685325650P   32+0,456+0,1555+/-0,150+/-0,3340
685407557P   40+0,475+0,2070+/-0,157+/-0,3759
685507060P   50+0,470+0,1560+/-0,160+/-0,3494
685508095P   50+0,480+0,20100+/-0,195+/-0,31020

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