Material: Steel 11SMnPb30K. Max. Operating Angle 35°. Temperature range: -70°C to +160°C. The ball joints RW are simple, sliding-contact bearing elements and can only be used at low speeds. The respective maximum speeds depend on operating angle and load, but should possibly not exceed 500 rpm. The maximum torque values listed in the table are limits, which must also never be exceeded. They may only be used to their full extend with intermittent operation or at low speed and small operating angle. Can be used from -70° to +160°C. The following limit applies: The product of speed (rpm) x working angle (degrees) must not exceed the reference number 500. This means, e.g., for a working angle of 10 degrees a max. speed of 50 rpm. If however the maximum torque is not used to the limit, speed and working angle can be larger. At 0.5 x max. torque applies: speed x working angle, smaller or equal 4.000. In case of doubt choose larger joint.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
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Product Quantity d1H7
Torque max.
63131300   613103560,03
63131600   816104080,05
63132000   10201350200,09
63132400   12241460300,14
63132800   14281770500,24
63133200   16321980600,36
63133600   183622901200,52
63134000   2040241001600,71
63134500   2245261102001,10
63135000   2550301252901,30
63135500   3055351354401,70
63136000   3560421655202,20
63136500   4065461907003,00
63137000   4570522108204,30

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