Material: Aluminium. Spiders special elastomere with hardness Shore 98 A, red.

- Zero backlash, insertable elastic connection shaft.

- Vibration damping, ideal for connection of gear box shafts.

- Good elimination of shaft displacement.

- With removable half shell clamps, ready-to-install for rapid mounting without removal other units. Oher types (one side stiff, or both sides stiff) or stainless steel on request.

Temperature range: -30°C to +100°C.

Length: The length can be chosen stepless in a wide range. Boreholes: For both sides, the boreholes can be choosen in a wide range. Keyways are available at extra charge. Delivery time: Normally only 7 working days. Ordering details: The product no. will be created individually for each customized shaft:

Attention: These products cannot be ordered in the webshop. Please contact a MÄDLER office or MÄDLER distributor. * For dimsioning you have also to regard the maximum torque rates of the insert and the clamp hubs. See PDF-catalog page. ** Standard boerholes for choose: See PDF-catalog page. Special boreholes on request.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity Type, SizeTorque TK Nominal *
Length A for choose
Boreholes for choose **
Weight of couplings
Weight of tube
Spare Part Insert
[Prod. No.]
RNW14-0000-00-00-0000   284925c91bff450fb299f7bb9a0531f212,543f991b8e501479d9a2d3a8339e7f9675df03c8cbf0247508f23fcf54e43dc8730303411817,50,081,1060519814
RNW19-0000-00-00-0000   d0f3c23211a14fe2beddbc44bf0b824a17133 - 3000ad66cf47556142b7becc273a67fefa2b4035462519,5330,301,3260519819
RNW24-0000-00-00-0000   e08b03c24aaa4fdbb25225527d3687806092dc9f8b2e5d4f8a9ff97a667ff939ba5ef9cb46125c48b186a3d9ae334dd231555057,53022390,731,9860519824
RNW28-0000-00-00-0000   84e3cd54f9d3443b902c92bcd3ecffca16056137e6b591c4ef3b97409fe583307a858493ecdbe0345f8947cb57e5a98995e6560733525451,042,4260519828
RNW38-0000-00-00-0000   55d427d671d34c9a895963a620fe4bd032504208f0559dd41da8ccbc0a5e19449240b39080aeebc410b853d3d6428c49322807541cc6da223f94c22b1e59d861bee23904533571,984,4560519838
RNW42-0000-00-00-0000   57b7d91f0553437cbe4cd8a930a08b0c45062a15ef77a2b4c5891fde74a824784d13cbcbb7558224d61b4f56d85f2266c5d 95100 -5036,5633,317,9060519842
RNW48-0000-00-00-0000   bcb3c856459d4ce5a6ae3f4c0f0c89785252cb7acfd316e4e4d965f473e8f8cc840632dd30f425443ca88d53cb6bb76e347105100 -5639,5704,577,9060519848

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