Material: Metal parts: Steel, zinc-plated. Elastomer: Natural rubber, Rubber hardness Shore A medium: about 55°.

* Fperm. is the permissible static permanent load, which may be overlaid by a dynamic, alternating load. With shearing load please take care that no tension load in the rubber occurs at all during mounting. To achieve a sufficient fatigue strength provide some compressive pre-stressing. The stated permissible loads are only approximate, guideline values for the static load for "medium" rubber hardness. With particularly high, dynamic, alternating loads or high frequencies, the load figures have to be reduced accordingly. Temperature resistant up to 80°C.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity D
Spring Rate CD average
Admissible Compressive Load F zul.*
Shear Spring Rate CS average
Admissible Propulsive Load F zul.*
68558000   88M363283510101
68558100   1010M4104484310152,7
68558300   1015M410429435153,6
68559000   1515M4104679515358,3
68559115   1515M58565955355
68559120   1520M4104439512356
68559130   1530M415432959359
68559215   2015M6186110170376014
68559220   2020M618685170176016
68560100   2025M618661170116017
68560215   2515M6186165280459525
68560200   2520M6186130280309528
68560225   2525M618689280279529
68560230   2530M618671280199531
68560715   3015M82082704006814038
68560700   3020M82082354004214041
68560725   3025M82081804003714045
68560300   3030M82081134002814047
68560500   3040M82081064001314060
68559800   4025M82382656503525077
68560800   4030M82382346504925091
68560000   4030M1028102346504825092
68560900   4040M823814765023250103
68561020   5020M102810450100095400112
68561025   5025M102810425100082400125
68561030   5030M102810395100073400135
68561000   5040M102810273100058400168
68561100   5045M103310250100050400174
68561300   5050M102810210100037400183
68561360   6040M102810390150063550224
68561365   6040M123312390150060550243
68561370   7045M102810450180072700348
68561375   7525M1237129802300270850299
68561440   7540M1237127352300118850384
68561445   7545M1237126902300105850417
68561400   7550M1237125302300101850467
68561455   7555M123712500230090850469
68561500   10040M164216216042002831600716
68561550   10050M16421695042002201600808
68561555   10055M16421687042001701600841
68561600   10060M16421684342001421600866
68561675   10075M164216750420011016001026

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