Material: Metal parts: Steel, zinc-plated. Elastomer: Natural rubber, 55° Shore hardness.

Rubber-Metal buffers are simple, reasonably priced standard components used for elastic mounting. When shearing load occurs their load-bearing capacity is considerably lower than with pressure load. This has to be considered when horizontal mass forces or belt traction occur. The grade of rubber used has perfect physical properties. Temperature resistant up to 80°C. For a linear resilience characteristic the Spring Load C means, for any operating point, the constant relation of load F [N] to jounce travel f [mm]. C = F/f [N/mm]. In the technical data, these constants are stated as CD for pure pressure load and as CS for pure shear load. * F perm. is the permissible static permanent load, which may be overlaid by a dynamic, alternating load. With shearing load please take care that no tension load in the rubber occurs at all during mounting. To achieve a sufficient fatigue strength provide some compressive prestressing. The stated permissible loads are only approximate, guideline values for the static load for "medium" rubber hardness. With particularly high, dynamic, alternating loads or high frequencies, the load figures have to be accordingly reduced.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity D
Spring Rate CD average
Admissible Compressive Load F zul.*
Shear Spring Rate CS average
Admissible Propulsive Load F zul.*
68528000   88M3630359101
68528100   1010M41044439153,2
68528300   1015M41029435153,9
68528600   157M4101749529355,8
68528700   158M4101609527356
68528800   1510M4101249524356,4
68528900   1520M413549510357
68529000   1515M410619513357,8
68530100   208M618307170366015
68530200   2010M618150170406015
68530400   2015M618130170246020
68530420   2020M618100170206019
68530425   2025M61870170136020
68530500   2520M61885170176030
68530700   2510M618750280749520
68530715   2515M618140280259527,5
68530725   2525M618600280379532
68530730   2530M61871280179540
68530800   3015M8205254005814037
68530900   3020M8202044004014056
68530925   3025M8201804003314058
68531100   3030M8201084002514065
68531110   3040M820854001814064
68531120   4015M8203806509025079
68531123   4025M8232706506025084
68531128   4025M10282706506025090
68531200   4030M82321365043250102
68531230   4030M102821365040250105
68531300   4040M82314065022250115
68531500   5020M10288571000110400141
68531400   5025M1028583100084400155
68531600   5030M1028375100066400163
68531700   5040M1028260100053400178
68532400   5045M1033215100043400208
68531750   5050M1028200100039400199
68531760   6040M1028390150060550231
68531770   7045M1028450180070750401
68531800   7525M123727102300211850369
68531840   7540M12377342300117850420
68531900   7550M1237506230091850483
68532000   7555M1237417230078850514
68532200   10030M1642380042003101600630
68532100   10040M1642197042002571600715
68532150   10050M164290042001601600800
68532155   10055M164289242001451600845
68532300   10060M164280942001361600890
68532500   10075M1642750420011016001295

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