Material: Steel. Self-centering clamping bush for small hub diametres. For medium torques. Self-Locking.

Fit: Shaft h8. Hub H8.

Mounting: Slightly oil the clamping set before mounting, do not use molibdenum disulphide or grease. Tighten the screws evenly and crosswise in several steps.

Demounting: Remove all tensioning screws and screw them into the (usually unused) forcing thread of the front flange until the flange is released.

Ts - Fastening Torque

T - Transmittable Torque

F - Transmittable Axial Force

P - Surface Pressure onto Hub




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity d
Transmissible Torque T
Transmissible Axial Force Fax
Surface Pressure Hub P
Bolt Size M
[DIN 912, 12.9]
Tightening Torque TA
61560600   6142110242512418580M320,05
61560635   6,35142110242512418580M320,05
61560700   71525122927247223111M450,07
61560800   81525122927297207111M450,07
61560900   916261430284210197110M450,07
61560953   9,5316261430284210197110M450,07
61561000   1016261430284810179112M450,07
61561100   1118261430325110165102M450,07
61561200   1218261430325510152100M450,08
61561270   12,718261430325510152100M450,08
61561400   142326143038681013080M450,11
61561500   15243616424513318194121M6170,22
61561600   16243616424514018180118M6170,22
61561700   17263818444718022190125M6170,25
61561800   18263818444720022180125M6170,23
61561900   19273818444921022172 121M6170,25
61562000   20283818445022022160115M6170,26
61562200   2232452551542502211378M6170,35
61562400   2434452551562702210676M6170,36
61562500   2534452551562802210176M6170,34
61562540   25,434452551562802210176M6170,34
61562800   2839452551614503213093M6170,42
61563000   3041452551625003213395M6170,43
61563200   3243452551655403511586M6170,49
61563500   3547523258698004410681M6170,55
61563800   3850523258729004510579M6170,62
61564000   405352325875900459268M6170,64
61564200   4255523258781000479070M8170,85
61564500   45597045788618008010581M8411,05
61564800   48627045788719508110278M8411,13
61565000   5065704578922020819672M8411,26
61565500   5571805588982730958968M8411,53
61566000   60778055881042870987661M8411,66
61566500   65848055881113190997357M8411,90
61567000   7090966510611951501478869M10833,0
61567500   7595966510612657101538266M10833,1
61568000   801009665106131826019610382M10833,3
61568500   85106966510613786702049777M10833,6
61569000   90112966510614488002068874M10834,0
61569500   9512096651061491130023710382M10834,7
61570000   10012596651061541430028511490M10835,2

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